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Audio is on its way!

I’ve been hard at work the past month auditioning narrators on ACX to choose who will be the voice of Sanguine and Stygian, and I think I found the perfect person! I literally squee’d when I listened to her audition because of how on point her line readings were. I felt like she immediately understood the emotions of my characters and the intention behind my writing. I will check with her to see if she’s good with me sharing a sample of her audition with you!

We’ve arranged for the audio files to be delivered July 15th, so after edits and the Audible approval process, it will be available. I’m expecting mid August based on Audible approval times.

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  1. So enjoying your book. Can’t wait to read each new page. Keeping me on edge and entertained. Look forward to your new one and your audio

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