The Storm King




She was the Storm King’s bride. A summer princess banished from the sun. A prize offered up in a desperate bid for peace. And now, a servant to the enemy.

Valla Sunstar was offered up in marriage to the Storm King to end the war between their nations. But when an avalanche rids her of her escorts en route to her intended, Valla takes fate into her own hands. When she arrives at her betrothed’s fortress alone, she pretends to be the late princess’s servant instead of his future wife.

Rodrick Fjallgard doesn’t want to wed the daughter of his oldest enemy, but he’ll do it to keep his people from starving. But when his betrothed shows up at his hearth claiming to be a lady’s maid, he decides to play along with her deception.

Valla needs to survive until winter ends with her disguise intact. Rodrick is determined to make her confess. Neither planned to lose their hearts in the process.

  • enemies to lovers
  • arranged marriage
  • princess in disguise
  • Hades and Persephone vibes
  • breeding kink

This is a standalone novel.

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